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Today I will commit website.


As you explore my site, you may find

fast-moving or flashing gifs,
bright and/or clashing patterns and colors,
and autoplay music.

What is this?

Hi, My name is Toadsbey! I'm building this site to be sort of a miscellaneous showcase of my interests and a home for my own writing and art as well.

To your left, you'll find the main links in the site, as well as the links to the webrings/directories I'm part of.

To your right, I have some stats and decor.

Below, I have an update log, my future plans for the site, and my collections of pets, blinkies, and stamps.

There is also at least one (1) SECRET LINK on this page.
See if you can find it!


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Future Plans???

Shrines to my OC's
The ultimate in self-indulgence :)
When I can get my head around some javascript, I'd love to make a gallery of swimming fish gifs!

Woah! Pets!

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