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What is it???

AI Dungeon is basically a text adventure game without limitations.

Instead of responses being pre-programmed, they are generated by an artificial intelligence.

Now, this can (and has) lead to some genuinely bad stuff, or it can lead to some really great stuff. I'm going to focus on the great stuff here.

3d-animated spinning computer
wizard holding a crystal ball in which a tiger jumps towards you
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Runescape Music, My Beloved
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sparklesMy Adventuressparkles

Here are some highlights I've transcribed directly from my own solo and multiplayer AI Dungeon adventures.

> You exit the ad. You read the wiki article about Creations.

The wiki article is quite long and wordy. It's basically a list of warnings, broken down into four sections.

  • General Creations Tips: This is a fairly generic list of general helpful tips.
  • Seedborn Creations: This list applies only to Creations born from seeds. You don't really have anything in common with seeds, but the page is still useful.
  • Unstable Creations: This section consists of a bunch of warnings about unstable Creations. It's usually a good idea to stay away from these creatures, as they're prone to going insane and doing unpredictable things.
  • It Doesn't Matter: This last one is the most helpful and important one, because it's a complete explanation about why you don't have to worry about anything.
Some context: my character just found out she was a kind of artificial creature called a "Creation," so she decided to research what that meant. I just really like the legitimate info followed by "It Doesn't Matter".

animated gif of a pegasus flying closer, landing, then flying away again.

sparklesThe Wayneradiotv Sectionsparkles

These streams are what got me playing AI Dungeon in the first place! They're always super funny, and they're especially nice because most of the text is read out loud, which means I can work on stuff and listen to them
without worrying about missing visuals.
I swear they come up with the best character names. Just, in general. These are in no particular order. Some are from the AI (& some may be misspelled bc I've only heard them).

centaur holding a sun or moon?

Favorite Names

  • Gregg Tupch
  • Dailymotion (the demon)
  • Hut Grabbo
  • Spinjamin Freaker
  • Broccolincoln
  • Olive Juice
  • Borf Dilorda

Best Moments

  • Trog posthumously wins Piggly Wiggly: Live or Die or Don't after not being present the whole game.
  • "It was the Wonka Radiation."
  • THE ORB battles a bunch of famous horror villains and wins, then goes into space and has, like, six movie sequels.
  • (From Trog's streams) The gang decides to join the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. "What horseman would you be? I think I'd be the horseman of cringe."
  • There's an entire city that's just a mall that grew too big.
Again, no particular order. Just whenever they come to mind.

snowglobe with woman in a dress addressing a bird