Grass from dokodemo.
Stars, button hover background, and circuit board background from sadgrl.
Mushrooms from fool lovers.


Clothesline divider from sadgrl.
"Back" and "Home" buttons, and disco ball from cinni.
Partying smilies gif from James's Blast Past Plaza.
Smiling computer from dokodemo.
Handheld video game div box from apple dust.
"New" and "up" gifs from fool lovers.
Ghost emojis from kao ani.
Blue writing hand and Spongebob from gifer.
Eye cursor from Fillster.
Blinkies and stamps from Free Blinkies Arena and various Neocities.
"Restricted" banner from momsagainstinternetuse.

Deviantart gets its own subcategory

from AtomdeeEmoticones

by JEricaM

by Martith



by Shalmons


I heavily based the appearance of my youtube player off Winamp skins. (There's some adult content on some of the skins, so be wary)

If an image isn't credited here, it either means I credited it on the page it's on (most likely by making the image into a link) or I was not aware of the source. Please don't hesitate to contact me (at my guestbook or Neocities page) if you want an image credited or taken down.