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I've been making music as "Toad Stool" since early 2020.
Here are my favorite songs from each of my albums so far!

Only if you look

(version 1)

Upon Reflection

(Carmine's Theme)

another full moon

a dance for the dipterans

Love Letter

niel bangin out the tunes

Workin' on more!

Listen to the full albums on my bandcamp
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Music I like

Recommended Albums

Doomsday Diaries:

A Love Song for Any Apocalyptic Scenario

Emily Axford
Favorite Songs:


Favorite Songs:


Favorite Songs:

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Recommended Songs

What's this?

Here, you'll find a section for my favorite songs that I've made, as well as a collection of songs and albums that I just think are neat. Maybe you'll find a new song you like!

Make your own!

Beepbox is a free tool that lets you make midi music in your browser


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