Legacy Challenge:
Peoples of Faerun

What is this?

I found that someone made a legacy challenge in which each generation had quests based on a different D&D 5e race. I've never completed a legacy challenge before (though I've tried like five times), and the variety and specificity of the goals in this challenge made it seem a little more doable--less chance for boredom a few generations in.

How I'm playing

I can only complete some of the quests, since I don't own all the required packs, but I'll aim to complete what I can.

I will edit some sims' appearances to make things more fantasy-y (and also to comply with requirements of the challenge. Part of this is just an excuse to make new OC's winking ghost emoji). But my preferred version of fantasy is mixed with sci-fi and modern day stuff, so there's that, too.

Trying to use cheats only when necessary (for example, "ability score increases"). I also tend to use "make happy" on photo days.

I'll be playing on Normal lifespan, but I may switch it to Long later. I also have a bunch of trait mods installed, so that's why there's some weird traits in there.