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Let It Rip - Tommy Coolatta Boss Theme Concept by Wally X5

The Science Team

The HLVRAI science team
warning dr pepper cocacola the void warning

What is HLVRAI?

HLVRAI stands for "Half Life VR but the AI is Self Aware".

It's a series of improvised videos in which WayneRadioTV and friends roleplay as Gordon Freeman and various residents of Black Mesa within the game Half Life.

Basically, Gordon attempts to go through the game as usual, while four NPCs become “self aware” and act as characters in their own right. Shenanigans ensue.


open eyes

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Tommy Quotes

  1. Look! A table! This must be where they eat lunch!
  2. Right, very carefully. Slower than molasses drips off a spoon. :)
  3. Yup! And it's all built to code. The U.S. lets us do this. This is all to regulation.
  4. No! My... My drawer full of Tic-Tacs is in there!
  5. When we get outta here I'm gonna write the Wikipedia article for the thing we just killed!
  6. It can't hurt you if you're smart! That's... why we're all scientists! This is the TURING test room! ...the TURRETing test room!
  7. I wandered in there once because they have a lot of cylinders that look like soda cans, but I was told they're batteries.
  8. We're like peach tea! Goin' through a silly straw!

More perfect than two mint juleps on a hot summer evening

pixel art of golden retriever laying down and wagging tail

sunkist, the perfect dog

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my dog is an honor student

I love my retriever

Fanart Gallery!

A glittery drawing of Tommy wearing neon scene clothing by Rosyabomination
Scene Tommy from my friend rosyabomination!


be nice to nerds kindness is its own reward well butter my butt and call me biscuit i love diet pepsi innocent... maybe gamer my dog is an honor student playstation girl Thank you blush believe in yourself my dog smiles ghostbusters diet mt. dew I love my dog have a good day gone bananas I Heart Sprite Talk Nerdy to me what color is the sky on your planet? Do the Dew There's too much blood in my caffeine system I think...... in pixels Do the Dew
Gotta have my Coke

Hope you Enjoyed! :)


i love science certified cringeworthy i still sleep with plushies glitter macncheese monster energy aliens crystal pepsi lisa frank alien stickers glitter stars sunglasses dog dog drinking pepsi

Images that weren't credited above

Propeller hat icon from Icon Depot

Gamer Juice background by Seraph Sanctum

Glittery Tommy by soulfulbuckaroo

Benrey sitting by black-mesa-slut-voice

Cursors for Myspace @ Cursor by Myspace Cursors

Various blinkies and stamps from other neocities sites and Free Blinkies Arena.

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