Free Stuff

I always love when a site has a little freebies section, so here's mine!

These are free for you to use anywhere on your site, but please download them and upload them to your own server.

Also, please give credit to me somewhere on your site, and link back to my homepage!



"piss" blinkie
I don't like Big Bang Theory, but I say Bazinga all the time.
"Bogos Binted" has become a new inside joke among my friends

"eeby deeby" because it's my favorite meme in recent memory (very fun to say)
"Hello Uglies" for my fellow Boulet
Brothers fans


Heart frog
Tommy Coolatta (HLVRAI)
with Cinni's pookie base
Benrey (HLVRAI)
with Cinni's squirt base

Corin (OC)
with Dollz Revival's revivalz mini base

Anne (OC)
with Cinni's pookie base

Sel (OC)
with Cinni's pookie base


Mouse over a background to test it out

Michael the seagull
Cursed minions

Blinkies made with Blinkiemaker.

most of the pixel art made with Piskel.