Misc. Images
Just some little images sittin in the grass while some music plays...
My Art
Stuff I made! Mostly pixel things and collages.
For You
Stuff you can put on your site! All pixel things.
The Town
An unfinished javascript experiment.
I wasn't that into adopts at first and now it's all I want. Please help.

a cat sleeping on a windowsill while it rains outside

My Shrines

Tommy Coolatta/HLVRAI
This shrine is OSHA-approved. It's all mechanically necessary.

AI Dungeon & Streams
My favorite AI Dungeon moments from when I've played and from when my favorite streamers have played.

A page dedicated to my favorite horror and horror-adjacent media. For now, it's just some gifs and a spooky jukebox.

Secret Shrine
You gotta look for this one! (Hint: it's linked from the home page)

Recommended Shrines

Alien Fan Site by
The story in the beginning captures such a specific nostalgic feeling. (Or maybe that's just me thinking about how I used to spook myself with paranormal books and movies as a kid, too). Also links to a few wikipedia articles if you're curious about aliens!
Hypnospace Outlaw by

Hypnospace outlaw is part of what got me into the old web aesthetic that's popular here on Neocities, so it's rad to see that someone made a shrine for it! There's just some good vibes here. Definitely check out the music, too, because the soundtrack slaps.

General Image Credits

Sleeping Cat