Here is the little patch of grass where I place some graphics I like :)
Some of them lead to links that I found interesting!



'dream' blinkie stamp: 'keep dreaming or wake up?'

skeleton divider

cat eating icecream winged skeleton

cheshire cat divider

spinning mario kart toad

I'm just very random


lava lamp

3d spinning dolphin in ring

dancing flamingo beanie baby

glittery garfield
robot hand holding 'email' word art

mermaid in clamshell

mushroom house

bear on bicycle eyes in jar

a smiling orange fish jumping out of the water and diving back in

a small, pink octopus or jellyfish looking thing

person in a dark green robe holding a staff and walking square with an image of a woman in a dress in front of a glowing orb. text says 'Magick Happens'

the word 'tamagotchi' with a small pixel art of a tamagotchi next to it
an artist petting a picture of a shark
The Alliance of Girlbosses
businesswoman in a green suit holding a briefcase and shrugging person in a pink shirt facing away from you and typing on a computer woman in an elegant black dress holding a blue flame
fish globe

blinking eye divider


These graphics are not mine. Most were found in GifCities or others' collections where I couldn't find the original source.
Tumblr collections I got them from include:
twoextrapumpsofbliss, pixelprecure, momsagainstinternetuse, lemon-archives, goth-boba, rotting-cave-fungus, geocitiesghost, ange1fire, netcromancy
If you know where an image is from, please let me know!
General Image Credits