Arts & Crafts

Welcome to my art show!

I tend to fluctuate rapidly between stuff that's serious and silly, so be prepared for some tonal whiplash. Also be prepared for some poor color quality cause I love the grainy look of gifs.

CW in some areas for mild body horror.

(P.S. - I'm really sorry I don't have alt text up for these yet. But I will have that on here as soon as I can.)

Pixels & Dollz


I don't really like posting my actual drawings online, but here are three.


Collage is one of my favorite mediums to work with because I can play around with color and composition without so much pressure to make things that are "good". I also just love unusual juxtapositions.

I tried to make this poem semi-random, sticking to words I drew out of a bag of stuff I'd already cut from magazines and other poetry.
A collage made from things I cut out of some comics that were on sale.

This one's very simple, but I think it's fun. They are socializing!

My friend grabbed an old and weirdly esoteric self-help book from a free pile at a used book store. They said this particular text reminded them of my OC Sel, so I made this with that OC in mind.
This was made for the theme "history." It is a threat.

Blinkies made with Blinkiemaker.

pixel frog and site button made with Piskel.

Cinni's Pookie and Squirt bases.

Dollz Revivals's mini base.

General Credits