Welcome to “The Town”!

How to Play

Click an image to show that character's profile.

Click the "Do Something" button to initiate an event.

What is this??

I've always really enjoyed simulator games like the Sims and Tomodachi Life, so I decided to learn Javascript by trying to make one of my own!

One of the things I used to do a lot with sims/tomodachis was to make my favorite movie/show characters and see how those people from different universes would interact. I figured some of the adoptables I had would work nicely to make a mini version of that!

Unfortunately, though, this simulator is purely random right now, so actions aren't weighted in favor of personalities. Additionally, I'm most familiar with programming text-based stuff, so text is where all the action will play out here.

I hope you enjoy playing around with this and watching the town grow!

Near-future Goals

  • A friendship labeling system (e.g. friendship level 10 might be "good friends")

Far-future Goals

  • Adding more interaction with the user!
  • Displaying friendship levels as bars instead of numbers
  • Actions that are unlocked only at certain friendship levels
  • Personality system (this might be simulated well enough with special actions)
  • Saving friendship levels & other info onto the server so they aren't lost on refresh

Other Notes

Peeking at the code is welcome, and feel free to use some or take inspiration from it if you want! If you do so, I'd really appreciate a link back (and I'd also love to see what you're working on!).

And of course, if you have feedback, some ideas on how I can improve this, or especially if you have ways in which I could make this more interactive with visitors, please let me know at my guestbook or my Neocities profile!


-Added special actions
-Added moods
-Live profile updates? (the console says there's an error but idk why)
-New events now inserted above the others

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    None for now
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